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Preparation for AGM 2012

Come to Collingwood Neighbourhood House to cook, eat, play badminton, make art, dance, grow plants, learn to speak English, volunteer, access a computer, celebrate your neighbourhood or make a new friend!

Collingwood Days

Collingwood Neighbourhood House offers a huge variety of recreation and leisure programs for all ages.We also love to celebrate!

ELSA Childcare

Collingwood Neighbourhood House provides childcare for babies, toddlers and children up to 12 years old. We also offer many programs and services to support families.

Immigrant Services

Immigrants are very welcome at Collingwood Neighbourhood House. We offer English classes and lots of other supports to help individuals, families and youth get settled in Canada.

Comm Lunch 2013 (5)
These three-course lunches are inexpensive and delicious. Menus are different each week; they reflect the changing seasons and diverse food traditions.
Read our annual report to discover what has been happening at Collingwood Neighbourhood House over the past year.
Intercultural Community Learning
Growing an Intercultural Neighbourhood, Growing a Civil Society Stories of Being, Belonging and Becoming in Renfrew-Collingwood Vancouver
CNH has released its new programs brochure listing the programs, services and activities at the neighbourhood house. It’s available in English, Chinese and Spanish