Collingwood Neighbourhood House Pride

Collingwood Neighbourhood House shows its pride and offers all a welcoming spirit every day of the year.

Collingwood Days 2014

We are in the community working to engage all residents in neighbourhood-wide activities

Volunteer Recognition 2014

More than 350 volunteers gain experience, follow their passions and share their skills through Collingwood Neighbourhood House’s programs and initiatives

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Want to see photos of some of the services and programs offered at Collingwood Neighbourhood House? Check out our galleries.
Celebration Slocan Park4
Visit the Events page to learn about upcoming opportunities to learn, connect with neighbours, and have fun!
CNH Community Lunch
These three-course lunches are inexpensive and delicious. Menus are different each week; they reflect the changing seasons and diverse food traditions.
Intercultural Community Learning
Growing an Intercultural Neighbourhood, Growing a Civil Society Stories of Being, Belonging and Becoming in Renfrew-Collingwood Vancouver