Upcoming Programs

We aim to provide a balance of activities that are inclusive and promote health and quality of life for local residents. Renfrew-Collingwood residents are given priority. People from other neighbourhoods are welcome to participate as space permits.

All recreation programs will have specific capacity limits based on room size and activity level and are subject to change based on Provincial Health Officer and BC Centre for Disease Control guidelines.

For more information, call 604-435-0323.


Learn about this season’s programs through a flier (PDF) below or in-person at the Main House or at the CNH Annex.

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  • Fees vary per activity
  • A yearly CNH membership is required for those wishing to participate in any program
  • We have established an Affordable Fun Program where community residents can apply for a reduction in program costs if they face financial challenges

Important Dates

Advanced registration is required for all children’s programs.

  • Winter (January to March): Opens Nov. 1
  • Spring (April to March): Opens March 1
  • Summer (July to August): Opens May 1
  • Fall (September to December): Opens Aug. 1

Spring Break & Summer Camps

Our specialty camps for children ages 6-12 include rhythmic gymnastics, gymnastics, arts & crafts, and more! Programs are held at the Main House and the Annex.

Summer camp information is available mid-April. Our specialty camps for children ages 6-12 include basketball, soccer, gymnastics, arts and crafts, dance and more! Programs are held at the Main House and the CNH Annex.

How to Register

Online registration is now open through our web portal where participants can register 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Registration by phone or in-person is available during regular hours at our Main Site and at the CNH Annex. Please call 604-435-0323 for information.

What We Offer

Learn about our recreation programs below. Activities vary per season. For current programs, check out our seasonal fliers and calendar or call 604-435-0323.

Children’s Recreation Programs

Arts & Crafts (Ages 6-9)

Learn a variety of visual art media and methods in a free-flowing, fun environment. Techniques include painting, collage, casting, relief and using recycled materials to create forms.

Basketball (Ages 8-13)

Develop physical and basketball fundamental skills, individual and social skills, teamwork and sportsmanship.

Break Dancing & Hip Hop (Ages 7-12)

Burn energy while boosting memory and concentration. Led by master b-boy Taiyo, this activity combines Taiyo’s style and foundational knowledge through a fun activity.

Creative Dance (Ages 11-12)

Inclusive of children with various disabilities, this class provides a fun and safe environment to explore movement, games and dance routines.

Gymnastics (Ages 5-11+) / Gymnastics Spring Camp (Ages 7-12)

Led by Gym Sense Gymnastics, our gymnastics programs provide a safe and supportive atmosphere that helps children learn the skills needed to enjoy this popular activity. Classes use a CanGym badge system with participants progressing at their own pace. All levels are welcome.

Mixed Media (Ages 6-11)

In this fun and messy class focused on creation, participants learn acrylic painting, watercolour, printmaking and more! Projects are created in a step-by-step process with finished results in 3D form.

Parents & Tots (Ages 2-5)

Games, music and play, exploration and adventure! Gymnastics and physical play activities help children develop social and motor skills in this regular program.

Rhythmic Gymnastics (Ages 4-12)

Enjoy the unique combination of dance, gymnastics, music, and self-expression using ribbons, balls, hoops and ropes.

Soccer (Ages 6-12)

Learn soccer skills in a friendly, pressure-free environment. Fundamentals and team skills are emphasized.

Sports Spring Camp (Ages 8-12)

A fun class for anyone who loves to play soccer and basketball. Learn to play and improve skills in both activities.

Taekwondo (Ages 4-12)

In this Korean-based martial art, students learn skills through poomsaes (patterns), nunchaku (weaponry) and sparring. Suitable for all levels, activities focus on agility, balance, concentration, speed and self-discipline.

Wushu (Ages 6-17)

A modern combination of Chinese martial arts, this class is designed to work on conditioning, flexibility and basic techniques.

Yoga (Ages 6-9)

Posture, games, storytelling and songs, allow participants to explore the principles of yoga and basic movement patterning in a fun and welcoming environment! Classes promote breath work, body awareness, focus and mindfulness.

Zumba (Ages 7-10)

Based on original Zumba® choreography, kid-friendly classes include games, activities and cultural exploration. Classes incorporate key childhood development elements like leadership, respect, teamwork, confidence, self-esteem, memory, creativity, coordination and cultural awareness.

Adult Recreation Programs


Sharpen reflexes and develop racquet skills! All skill levels are welcome.

Dance Fusion

Easy-to-follow dance-fitness choreography to popular Latin and radio hits in this high-energy dance-fitness fusion class will get your heart pumping and sweat dripping while having a blast. Routines incorporate interval training, alternating fast and slow rhythms to help improve cardiovascular fitness, plus using weights with some routines for toning. All ages and levels of fitness are welcome.

Hatha Yoga

Slow down and join us for a relaxing yoga class, while increasing strength, balance, stamina and body awareness. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Hula & Storytelling

Join our Hula & Storytelling class for adults and unlock a world of creativity and expression. Join us for a transformative experience that combines the art of movement with the magic of stories. Unleash your creativity and connect with the rich cultural heritage of hula and storytelling.

Modern Line Dancing (Beginners & Improval Plus)

Exercise and enthusiasm combine as participants dance in lines to music without requiring a partner. Modern line dance combines multiple dance steps including salsa, waltz, bachata and hip-hop supported by contemporary songs. The Intermediate Line Dance Program requires past line dance experience and is most suitable for young adults to seniors.


Focusing on lengthening and building strength, this class focuses on breath, strength, mobility, and a strong connection to your body. It’s suitable for all levels. These classes are based on a trauma-informed, holistic, inclusive approach and, as such, each unique individual body is celebrated.


This recreation soccer program is a great way too stay in shape and meet new friends in your community. The program promises to be popular so register early to ensure your spot. People of all skill levels are welcome.


Join us in a social game of volleyball where you can bump, set, and spike to your heart’s content. Join friends and meet new people from your community while enjoying friendly games of volleyball. Players of all skills and levels are welcome.

Yoga & Movement Therapy

Experience intelligent, gentle, and compassionate sequencing to access, release, and heal physical tensions, mental stresses, and emotional blockages. Enjoy calming and short meditations while learning to access healing methods through breathing practices. Modalities: Traditional Chinese medicine, neuroscience, compassionate movement and breath. Participants are asked to bring their own yoga mat.

Zumba & Zumba Toning

A typical Zumba lasts about an hour and incorporates several dance styles, including cumbia, bachata, meringue, salsa, reggaeton, mambo, and belly dance. The Latin music includes both fast and slow rhythms, allowing for a great cardio workout as well as body sculpting exercises. Zumba classes are for ALL ages – no experience necessary. Most songs are pre-choreographed, so the more classes you attend the easier it gets!

Senior & Older Adult Recreation Programs


Sharpen reflexes and develop racquet skills! All skill levels are welcome.

Chinese Classical Dance

This class introduces participants to all aspects of Chinese classical dance, including its unique moves, music and apparel from various ethnical Chinese groups. Some basic dance experience is required.

Full Body Conditioning

Improve muscle strength and endurance using light resistance equipment. Work your heart with gentle cardio and enjoy relaxing stretches. Please bring your own resistance band and other equipment needed.

Fashion Modelling & Dancing

Age gracefully with modelling and dancing exercises. This program combines simplified runway walk, ballet and Chinese classical dance. Each session includes warm-up, body-shaping movements and practicing movements with music. This training is aimed at helping older adults build healthy standing and walking posture, develop body coordination with music and rhythm, and showcase the beauty and elegance of each participant.

Gentle Chair Yoga

Enjoy safe, slow-moving exercises for increased joint range of motion, relaxation and improved stamina and muscular strength. Suitable for people with all forms of arthritis and various levels of ability.

Kundalini Yoga

Drop in and relax, renew, and rejuvenate through breathing, exercises, stretching and meditation.


Integrate mind, body and qi (energy) – keep blood and energy circulation smooth in the entire body to prevent disease. At CNH, we offer various tai chi programs, including:

  • 24 Forms Tai Chi
  • 32 Forms Tai Chi Sword
  • 42 Forms Tai Chi
  • 42 Forms Tai Chi Sword

Walking Club

Get some exercise and meet new people. Dress for the weather and bring an umbrella. See the schedule, which is available at the front desk.

Zumba Gold

Combines catchy Latin tunes with choreography for an aerobic workout that feels like a dance party. It is accessible for beginners, seniors or others needing modification in their exercise routines.