Youth Services


Youth Services offers a range of programs, activities and resources for children and youth between the ages of 10-24.  This includes the Indigenous Youth C.R.E.W. program, settlement programs, Peer to Peer Education, Youth Centre, Kids Kitchen and recreational drop-ins. Programs take place at the CNH main house or at local schools. 

Some programs are free of charge. Registration is required – please call 604-435-0323.

Upcoming Programs & Events

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More Programs & Services

Community Connections Lunch Program

This program is suspended due to COVID-19 and will reopen when safe.

Delivered at Windermere Secondary School, youth facilitators conduct activities and lead group games with newcomer students during lunch hours to build English language skills in a social setting and allow for newcomers to meet peers. Students are also connected with volunteer opportunities and accessible community resources in the city based on their needs and interests. Guest speakers are invited to talk about what’s happening around the neighbourhood and the rest of the city. 

For more information, call 604-435-0323 ext. 262 or email Tanya Findlater at or Robert Moya at

This program is funded by the National Settlement Program – Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada.

Indigenous Youth C.R.E.W.

C.R.E.W (Culture, Recreation, Education and Work) is a free youth-led program that offers Indigenous youth aged 12-29 opportunities to participate in supportive social activities and cultural exploration. The program offers outdoor activities, canoe and water safety skills, leadership experience, increased cultural knowledge, and opportunities to socialize with Indigenous youth and adult role models.

To participate, contact Verna Kate Smith at 604-435-0323 ext. 265 or

Information and Assistance

Need information, assistance or support? Want to learn about the programs and volunteer opportunities available to you in this community?

Contact Sanjeev Karwal at 604-412-3844 or to make an appointment or drop in any time during Youth Centre hours, free of charge.

Kids Kitchen (Ages 12 – 18)

Begins Oct. 23, 2020. Fridays (pick-ups), Saturdays (online sessions)

Kids Kitchen as a free, online take-home cooking program. Participants pick-up a weekly ingredient boxes and learn to cook through online sessions with the program instructor.

Participation is limited. To register, contact Sanjeev Karwal at 604-412-3844 or or at 604-412-3844.

Newcomer Programs for Pre-Teens

Free programs and activities are provided to youth new to Canada, to support building their connection with their new community. Programs are based at schools or at CNH.

For more information, call 604-435-0323 ext. 262 or email Tanya Findlater at or Robert Moya at

This program is funded by the National Settlement Program – Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada.

Peer to Peer Leadership Program: I Can Choose – We Can Choose

Working in conjunction with Windermere Secondary School and its family of elementary schools, peers teach peers about various topics and provide tools to help them make healthy decisions and reduce harm. Youth develop skills in public speaking, teamwork, conflict resolution, and mentorship, as well as a greater awareness of social issues.

To participate, contact Ry Forsythe at 604-435-0323 ext. 277 or or visit

Pre-Employment Youth Mentoring Group 

Free pre-employment training is available for youth where they can participate in various volunteer opportunities and get support with resumes, cover letters and employment planning. 

For more information, contact Robert Moya at 604-435-0323 ext. 262 or

This program is funded by the National Settlement Program – Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada.

Sports Training/Strength and Conditioning

Fridays and Saturdays (Oct. 2-Dec. 19, 2020), 4-5 pm (CNH Joyce gym)

For young athletes who want to reach their full potential, we will be offering free 1-hour training sessions on Fridays and Saturdays. Using callisthenics, aerobics, and speed/agility drills, participants will get a mild to intense workout at a safe distance during the CNH Youth Centre hours.

Summer Youth Drop-In (Ages 10-18)

Tuesday-Saturday (in July and August), 4-9 pm

Take part in fun activities all summer long. Activities include group games, arts and crafts, gym games, BBQs and field trips.

Cost: Youth Centre membership ($10/year)

For more information, contact Sanjeev Karwal at 604-412-3844 or

TEAM Summer Program (Ages 11-15)

Monday-Thursday (in July and August), 12-4 pm

This is a six-week summer leadership program. Participants will get a chance to meet new people, practice their leadership skills, go on fun outings and learn more about various social issues. Learn more about topics that are of interest to you such as bullying, the impact of social media, human rights and more! Contact Mariah Forsythe at 604-435-0323 ext. 277 for details.

Windermere Community Schools Team 

The team works with schools in the Windermere Family of Schools in partnership with community partners to provide programs in and outside of school time. Programs are focused on improving literacy, enhancing social responsibility and providing opportunities for community engagement.

To participate, contact Chelan Wallace at 604-713-8180.

Youth Centre (Ages 10 – 18)

Fridays and Saturdays, 4-8 pm

A variety of activities are available for participants on Friday and Saturday evenings. This includes gym time and sports, art and crafts, games and workshops. Weekly reservations are required as participation is limited. Visit for registration, reservation and program details.  

Cost: $10/year (Youth Centre membership)

For more information, contact Tanya Findlater at 604-435-0323 ext. 262 or