Youth Services


Youth Services offers a range of programs, activities and resources for children and youth between the ages of 10-24. This includes the Youth Centre, Indigenous Youth C.R.E.W., Peer to Peer Education and Programs for Newcomers.  For additional program information, visit and connect with the Youth team on Instagram @cnhyouth.

Programs & Services

Indigenous Youth C.R.E.W.

C.R.E.W (Culture, Recreation, Education and Work) is a free youth-led program that offers Indigenous youth aged 12-29 opportunities to participate in supportive social activities and cultural exploration. The program offers outdoor activities, canoe and water safety skills, leadership experience, increased cultural knowledge, and opportunities to socialize with Indigenous youth and adult role models.

To participate, contact Verna Kate Smith at 604-435-0323 ext. 265 or

Information and Assistance

Need information, assistance or support? Want to learn about the programs and volunteer opportunities available to you in this community? We’re here to help!

Contact Sanjeev Karwal at 604-412-3844 or 

Kids Kitchen (Ages 12 – 18)

Kids Kitchen is a free, online take-home cooking program. Participants pick-up a weekly ingredient boxes and learn to cook through online sessions with the program instructor.

Participation is limited. To register, contact Sanjeev Karwal at 604-412-3844 or or at 604-412-3844.

Peer to Peer Leadership Program: I Can Choose – We Can Choose

Peer 2 Peer is a youth-led program whose primary goal is to improve the wellbeing of youth across the Renfrew-Collingwood community. Through a peer education and mentorship model, youth volunteers explore various health and wellness topics through a social justice lens, and develop the skills needed to be able to share what they have learned with other youth.  Peer 2 Peer offers its primary programming during the school year and drop-in style activities and events during the summer months. By empowering youth to be leaders in our program and community, we hope to equip them and their peers with the information, resources, support, and tools needed to make healthy and safe decisions.

Contact Jennifer Lingbaoan at 778-320-PEER (7337) or

Youth Centre (Ages 10-18)

Fridays and Saturdays, 4-8 pm

A variety of activities are available for participants on Friday and Saturday evenings. This includes gym time and sports, art and crafts, games and workshops. Weekly reservations are required as participation is limited. Visit for registration, reservation and program details.  

Cost: $10/year (Youth Centre membership)

For more information, contact Tanya Findlater at 604-435-0323 ext. 262 or


We offer a variety of programs to help newcomer youth integrate into life in Canada.

All Girls Group
Saturdays, 2:30-4:30 pm

A fun, welcoming space creating an inclusive environment for young females dealing with patriarchal and misogynistic forms of oppression. Creating healthy relationships, group sessions, communication, discussions around cultural values, consent, boundaries, dating and more. Activities promote empowerment, being able to create bonds with other girls, develop life skills such as confidence, caring, character, social, emotional, and physical competence, and community contribution. 

Eligibility: Newcomer* immigrant girls ages 12 –18 years.  Registration is required.

Newcomers Preteens Mentorship Program

Runs weekly in Renfrew Elementary & Norquay Elementary School. Focusing on life skills building, practicing the English language and developing social skills through group dynamics. Spaces are limited to encourage social distancing and registration is required. 

Newcomer Programs for Pre-Teens

Free programs and activities are provided to youth new to Canada, to support building their connection with their new community. Programs are based at schools or at CNH.

For more information, call 604-435-0323 ext. 262 or email Tanya Findlater at or Robert Moya at program is funded by the National Settlement Program – Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada.

Newcomer Youth Sports & Fitness
Saturdays, 3-8 pm

Newcomer* youth are welcome to play, practice, and train with their peers at the CNH gymnasium (5288 Joyce St). This is a proven model to build self-confidence in youth and bring the community together through supervised sports and recreation. With a diverse group of youth, the young newcomer will learn to approach their experience of integration into Canadian society building a sense of belonging and developing an interest to fully participate. Our settlement team is trained to provide welcoming space and discipline assisting newcomer youth in their process of integration.

Youth Leadership & Skills Development

For newcomers high school students. We facilitate a professional development initiative every Thursday from 4 to 7 pm where we are able to offer focused support to high school students who are building their resume, employability skills, creating opportunities to gain work experience/volunteer hours, and give their free time to community connection initiatives.

One-to-One support from a Youth Settlement Worker is available for vulnerable youth to help newcomer* youth navigate needs related to school, finding employment, family, housing, health care, mental health supports, or other needs to help achieve their goals.