Jyotsna Patel celebrates 15 years in child care at CNH

Jan 16, 2024 | Staff Highlights

Collingwood Neighbourhood House (CNH) proudly recognizes its long-serving staff members. At each year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), CNH staff and contractors who have reached the milestones of 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years of service to the neighbourhood house were thanked by the Board of Directors.

This year, we recognize and celebrate Jyotsna Patel for 15 years of service. Here’s what Sabrina Bantog, Child Care HR Manager, had to say about Jyotsna:

Jyotsna has been a childcare casual with the Department of Early Years at CNH since March 4, 2008, where I have had the pleasure of both working with and supervising her. As a casual, she works in multiple programs, sometimes with very little notice for a shift start time. Jyotsna is flexible and always wants to work as much as possible. There have been multiple occasions when she has worked in the same program for months at a time.

Her colleagues describe her as being helpful and hard-working and say she is always friendly with the children and staff. She is very generous, kind and thoughtful. When asked why Jyotsna has stayed with CNH for so long, she said it’s because she likes CNH, she likes the children and she simply just wants to stay with us. Jyotsna says that when she started working with small children at CNH she just had to continue.

We thank and appreciate Jyotsna for her dedication and commitment and want her to know that she is so valued. Congratulations, Jytonsa!

To learn about current career opportunities at CNH, visit www.cnh.bc.ca/about/careers.


Pictured: Sabrina Bantog (left) and Jyotsna Patel at our 2023 AGM.

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