A ‘behind-the-scenes all-star’: Celebrating Charis Chu, CNH Volunterer

May 2, 2023 | Community Stories

April 16-22 is National Volunteer Week! We recently celebrated CNH’s volunteers at our Volunteer Appreciation Event at CNH to thank and honour them for their continued generosity in contributing to and building an interconnected community.

This year’s theme is “Volunteer Weaves us Together,” and this couldn’t ring more true to the hundreds of folks who poured in hours to volunteer for our programs and services. Our continued growth and expansion is thanks in huge part to our volunteers, who continue to generously share their time, talent, and energy to support one another and in turn, the community.

This week, we are sharing some stories from our staff—and the volunteers themselves—that celebrate these volunteers’ collective impact through their kindness, generosity, and commitment.

From Dovana Singh, Better At Home Manager:

“Charis Chu is a Better At Home volunteer admin assistant extraordinaire. She has been volunteering with the Seniors’ Team for over 2 years now and is a behind-the-scenes all-star. She processes payments, tracks interactions, does all kinds of miscellaneous tasks, and is always timely. Thank you for all you do Charis!”

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