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Collingwood Days: ⁠FilCan Book Fest & Massy Arts Society Day 2

Join us in celebration of the inaugural Filipino-Canadian Book Festival July 12-14, 2024, in partnership with Massy Books, Filipinx Pages and Sampaguita Press and guest Keynote Catherine Hernandez.

11:30-12:40 World-building and Cultural Research for Storytelling: Join us for this insightful author panel on creating immersive worlds, grounding them in reality, and ensuring cultural sensitivity while introducing innovative elements. Key topics of discussion will include: the process of building intricate and believable worlds; balancing imaginative elements with real-world influences; approaching cultural research with sensitivity and respect; and introducing novel concepts and ideas in storytelling. Tessa Barbosa Samantha Garner Roselle Lim K.S. Villoso Moderator: Nathalie De Los Santos

12:45-1:55 Writing Between the Lines: Join us for an enlightening conversation exploring the intricacies of cross-genre writing, how cultural identity influences storytelling, and the challenges and rewards of blending different literary forms. Our esteemed panelists will discuss the creative process behind their multifaceted narratives; the ways in which cultural heritage shapes their stories; and balancing multiple genres to create unique and compelling works. Christine Añonuevo Jennilee Austria-Bonifacio C.E. Gatchalian Vincent Ternida

2:00-3:10 The Poetry Prism: Shaping Realities Join our panel of poets as we try to hold poetry to the light and see what colors it makes. We’ll discuss how language shapes and sustains our attention to outer and inner worlds; the necessary failure of translation; and the ways poetry allows us to reckon with the depths of humanity and give music to the mess of living. Hari Alluri Sol Diana Therese Estacion Phebe M. Ferrer Marc Perez

3:15-4:25 Makibaka! Maging alamat! On Writing Revolution: What, if anything, is a writer’s obligation to the world? What does it take to stay brave and human in the face of the simultaneous wars currently waged on the Global South, the Third World, and Black and Brown peoples who share histories of colonization? What are the ways we can activate our art towards liberation? What uplifts a piece of writing to be revolutionary? Join our panel of writers across diverse genres and interests as we discuss these questions in relation to the struggles of our times—water is life, land back, ceasefire, and end to all genocide! Jim Agapito Hari Alluri Rina Garcia Chua Kawika Guillermo / Chris Patterson Catherine Hernandez

4:30-5:40 Playwriting and Publishing Are you a writer interested in playwriting or writing for stage? Have a question how certain plays are published and some aren’t? Join a panel of playwrights and theatre artists who are creating new BC Fil-Can works right now, and are willing to share with you the world of professional play and performance development. Davey Calderon Karla Comanda Kamila Sediego Carmela Sison Moderator: Lissa Neptuno + Author Book Signings with all panelists

4:30-5:55 Keynote: Catherine Hernandez Join us for a special evening at the Filipino-Canadian Book Festival as we welcome acclaimed author Catherine Hernandez for an inspiring keynote address. This event will be a highlight of the festival, celebrating the incredible contributions of Catherine Hernandez to literature and the arts. In recognition of her outstanding achievements and impact on the literary community, we are honored to present Catherine Hernandez with the prestigious CanDila Award. This award celebrates excellence in storytelling and acknowledges her dedication to amplifying diverse voices through her work. This event is an opportunity to celebrate a remarkable talent and to be inspired by Catherine Hernandez’s insights and experiences. Join us for an unforgettable evening of recognition and inspiration.


Jul 13 2024


9:00 am – 7:30 pm




CNH Annex
3690 Vanness Ave, Vancouver, BC V5R 5B6