Better at Home

Vouchers: Frequently Asked Questions

Your Better at Home housekeeping appointments are paid using pre-paid vouchers. Housekeepers do not accept cash.

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about using vouchers. If you do not find your question below, please contact us by calling: 604-435-0375 or emailing: ahofmarks@cnh.bc.ca.

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[expand title=”How do I order my vouchers?” rel=”bah-highlander”]

  • Option 1: In-person
    You can order and pay for your vouchers in person at Collingwood Neighbourhood House during opening hours. You can pay by debit, cash or cheque. The address is 5288 Joyce Street, Vancouver. We are open Monday to Friday, 8 am – 9 pm. Saturdays, 9 am- 8 pm and Sundays 10 am to 8 pm. We are closed on statutory holidays.
  • Option 2: By mail
    You can complete and return the enclosed order form that will be sent out with every voucher order, along with the full payment. The mailing address is: Better at Home, Collingwood Neighbourhood House, 5288 Joyce Street, Vancouver, BC, V5R 6C9. An order form is enclosed for your convenience.
  • Option 3: By subscription service
    To avoid running out of vouchers, you may wish to place a subscription service. To subscribe, please send up to 12 postdated cheques for the first of each month. Each cheque should cover the costs of the vouchers you wish to purchase in a month. Vouchers will then be automatically mailed to you in the beginning of the month. [/expand]

[expand title=”How much do vouchers cost?” rel=”bah-highlander”] The full price is $36.00 for a two-hour voucher and $54.00 for a three-hour voucher. Your actual costs may be lower depending on your subsidy level.[/expand]

[expand title=”Are the vouchers transferrable?” rel=”bah-highlander”] Full price vouchers are only transferable between Better at Home clients. Subsidized vouchers are not transferable and can only be redeemed by the person who eligible for the subsidy.[/expand]

[expand title=”Is there a limit to the number of vouchers I can purchase?” rel=”bah-highlander”] There is no limit to the number of vouchers you may purchase at once. But please note, if you receive a subsidized rate, you may only redeem up to four subsidized hours in one month.[/expand]

[expand title=”What forms of payment are accepted?” rel=”bah-highlander”] Cash, debit, cheques, and money orders are the accepted form of payment or the vouchers. Cash and debit can be used if paying in-person at Collingwood Neighbourhood House (CNH). Please do not mail cash. Cheques and money order can be mailed or dopped off at CNH. Plase make cheques payable to: “Collingwood Neighbourhood House.”[/expand]

[expand title=”Do the vouchers expire?” rel=”bah-highlander”] Yes. The vouchers expire one year from the date of purchase. You may refund the vouchers before they expire.[/expand]

[expand title=”Are the vouchers refundable?” rel=”bah-highlander”] Yes. In order to receive a refund, please return unused vouchers back to the program coordinator along with your name, mailing address, and reason for return. A refund cheque will be mailed to you. Please allow up to 20 business days for processing refunds.[/expand]

[expand title=”What happens if I booked a session but do not have a voucher?” rel=”bah-highlander”] Please ensure you have sufficient vouchers before booking a session with your cleaner or yard worker. If you do not have a voucher, we will invoice you. Your contractor cannot accept cash. If you do not have adequate vouchers on a repeated basis, you may be discharged from the program.[/expand]

[expand title=”Can I order the vouchers from my housekeeper or yard worker?” rel=”bah-highlander”] No. Your worker is an independent contractor and cannot accept your order form or payment for vouchers. Please order your vouchers from the program coordinator or Collingwood Neighbourhood House.[/expand]

[expand title=”How long does it take for my vouchers to come?” rel=”bah-highlander”] Your vouchers will be mailed to you, unless you purchase them in-person. Please allow up to 10 business days to receive your vouchers by mail.[/expand]

[expand title=”How do I set up a subscription service?” rel=”bah-highlander”] Complete the order form marking the “subscription set up” box and return along with up to 12 post-dated cheques for the first of each month. Each cheque should cover the costs of the number of vouchers you wish to purchase. For example, if you wish to purchase 2x two-hour vouchers each month, each cheque should be for $72.00 based on the rate of $18.00/hour.[/expand]