Management & Board

Management Team

Executive Director

Elizabeth (Betty) Lepps


  • Alison Merton (Early Years)
  • Anna Hofmarks (Community Services)
  • Kulwant Kaur (Operations)
  • Sandra Bodenhamer (RISE Community Health Centre, Community Development – interim)
  • Sanjeev Karwal (Youth Services)


  • Amir Sabbaghan (Annex/Recreation)
  • Ana Kazulin (Finance Child Care Program)
  • Ana Mateescu (Family Development/Homelessness)
  • Candice Li (Annex Facility)
  • Carol Mendes (Arts, Culture, and Celebrations)
  • Cynthia Dizon (Financial Controller)
  • Diana Taykandy (Operations Child Care Program)
  • Dovana Singh (Team Lead, Older Adults Programs and Services)
  • Elisa Casilla (Payroll and Benefits)
  • Helen Su (Navigation & Peer Support)
  • Ingrid Figueroa (Foodlands Manager)
  • Irene Mella (Administrative and Communications)
  • Jenny Eng-Chan (Information & Referral/Reception)
  • Jenny Shen (Social Prescribing Community Connector + Walking Club + Seniors Recreation)
  • Joy Que (Pharmacy)
  • Karen Caguioa (Immigrant Women & Youth Leadership Development)
  • Katty Mir (Family Services)
  • Kayla Isomura (Communications)
  • Kiran Momin (RISE Community Health Centre – on leave)
  • Maja Kovac (Youth Programs)
  • Maria Nombrado (Accounting)
  • Nilam Khoja (RISE Community Health Centre)
  • Qasim Ahmadi (Facility)
  • Ross Oh (Food Hub)
  • Ryan Ng (Food Justice)
  • Sabrina Bantog (Child Care HR)
  • Sandra Medina (HR)
  • Sandra Suazo (Settlement Team Lead)
  • Sarah Sheridan (Social Prescribing Community Connector)
  • Sonja Rietkerk (RISE Community Health Centre Clinical Lead & Family Nurse Practitioner)
  • Sue Woodland (Morning Star)
  • Susanna Chu (Housekeeping, Community Lunch & Wellness Programs)
  • Sylvia Barnett (Housing Support)
  • Tanya Findlater (Youth Services)
  • Yndira Arteaga (Volunteer)
  • Vacant (Occupational Health and Safety)

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors provides CNH with direction by establishing policies, priorities, long-term plans and renewal for the CNH Society. It approves the annual budget and provides accountability to the members and funders through an annual external audit.

Board members approve programs and services, goals and objectives, and ensure that these are implemented, monitored and evaluated. The Board develops external relations, receives input from members and the community and works on the development of community resources.

Directors, who all live and/or work in Renfrew-Collingwood, sometimes represent CNH at community meetings. The estimated time commitment is eight-10 hours a month.

Leila Trickey


Samuel Cervantes

1st Vice-President

Rachel Tuttle

2nd Vice-President

Henry Lau


Davy Chiu


Greg Allen

Past President

Puneet Mall


Bleszeiry Hanggoy


Justine Ma


Kristian Arciaga


Manoranjan Rasiah


Randy Yu