ReClaim Your Name Sharing and Healing Circle

CNH, in collaboration with Expressive Arts Therapist and Interdisciplinary Artist, Jotika Chaudhary, invites anyone identifying as racialized and/or a person of colour to participate in a sharing and healing circle developed by Elimin8Hate to explore the story of their name—all versions of it, on Monday, May 30, from 6-8:30pm. This is an opportunity to reflect on the pressure many racialized folks feel to westernize our names to be accepted, and the growing movement to reclaim our birth or ethnic names.

Through collective storytelling, we will highlight the intersections between our identities and our names. This is a starting point to hold difficult conversations to ultimately help address societal and systemic issues, including white supremacy, that create insecurity and prejudice. By reclaiming our names, we are demonstrating that respecting all forms of our names is a vital part of anti-racism. Everyone identifying as racialized can participate in the ReClaim Your Name project, even if you haven’t had to change your name to fit in.

We recognize that some may not identify with the gender of names assigned to us at birth and will make space for folx to hold their heritage close to their hearts with the option for gender-inclusive names.

This circle will be facilitated by Maria dela Cruz and Jotika Chaudhary, with registered psychotherapist Michelle Wing present as an active listener. We understand that unpacking feelings which may have been suppressed or internalized can be emotional and want our community to know that support and safer spaces are available when they are ready to speak up and speak out.

This event is free. Join the circle on Zoom by registering through this link:



May 30 2022


6:00 pm - 8:30 pm