Neighbourhood Small Grants due

Do you have a great idea to bring your community together?

Neighbourhood Small Grants is back for another season! Here are some example grant ideas:

  • – Cooking classes online or in-person
  • – Kids crafting sessions
  • – Learn to knit, paint, or dance
  • – Learn T’ai-Chi
  • – Build some garden boxes
  • – Neighbourhood street hockey tournament
  • – Back alley clean up
  • – Bake cookies or make holiday cards and drop them off for lonely seniors
  • – Little free library
  • – Book club meet up
  • – Make your own homemade cleaning products
  • – Let’s make planter baskets together!
  • – A cycling or bike repair workshop
  • – How about a dress-up pets parade?
  • – Start a new neighbourhood block party tradition
  • – Celebrate Halloween with hot chocolate and spooky music or treats
  • What is your idea? 

The grant money can pay for the food, small tools and supplies, printing posters or flyers, and whatever supplies you need as long as they are not high value items like cameras or barbeques.

Your activity or project must be offered for FREE, should happen in your neighbourhood and be open to neighbours who wish to join. Businesses cannot apply and you cannot fundraise for other projects or organizations

Apply by October 21, 2022, receive the funding and complete your project anytime before the end of March 2023.

Visit and apply online:

Why Neighbourhood Small Grants?

Because magic happens when neighbours connect. It forms friendships, makes our communities safer and more vibrant.


Oct 21 2022


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