an artwork of a natural mandala made with leaves, flowers, petals, stems and branches

Looking Closely at Nature: Creating Mandalas with Alexis Seto

Making a nature mandala starts with a walk around the garden or neighbourhood to collect flowers, greenery, grasses and wildflowers. Designing with nature teaches us about balance and harmony—how to look closely and see the potential and beauty in the simplest materials.

Participants should gather materials from their gardens if they have one and /or around their neighbourhood. Carefully cut flowers, shrubs, leaves or weeds (approximately 4-12 of each). Examples include: lavender, daisies, cedar or fir tips, cosmos, dandelions, roses, clover, hosta, grasses, ferns, petals, buttercups, berries, peapods and wildflowers.

This is a free, online event for Collingwood Days, which will take place using Zoom. To register, email:

Alexis Seto is a visual artist and art teacher. She enjoys the collaborative spirit of community arts and teaching projects that are accessible to all ages.


Jul 12 2020


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm