Community Lunch

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:15 to 1:30 pm in the multipurpose room at CNH Main House (5288 Joyce St).

Our community lunch program is back! Please join us for one of our three-course meals, which offer a nutritious, healthy and affordable lunch. Meals are prepared by our community kitchen chef, Najia, along with regular volunteers.

Max. 40 people. No take-out meals, dine-in only. For questions, email Susanna Chu at or call 604-435-0375.


Tickets can be purchased at reception on the same day as the lunch and are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • $7/meal for seniors, CNH staff, youth and students
  • $8/meal for adults


Please select the month below.


Tuesday, December 5: Cream of broccoli soup, chicken/veggie sandwich, salad, vanilla pudding

Thursday, December 7: Meat/veggie lasagna, salad, date bar

Tuesday, December 12: Beef barley soup, egg salad sandwich, salad, chocolate chip cookies

Thursday, December 14: Closed for the Seniors’ Holiday Luncheon



Thursday, November 2: Chicken cacciatore with rice/veggie option, salad, walnut cookie

Tuesday, November 7: Minestrone soup, sockeye salmon salad sandwich, salad, almond tart

Thursday, November 9: Shepherd’s pie/veggie option, salad, chocolate zucchini cake

Tuesday, November 14: Cream of corn soup, seafood pie/veggie option, salad, coconut cookies

Thursday, November 16: Baked fish with roasted potatoes, quinoa salad, chocolate chip cookies

Tuesday, November 21: Carrot soup, grilled chicken/veggie sandwich, salad, apple crumble

Thursday, November 23: Chicken pie/veggie pie, salad, quinoa shortbread cookies

Tuesday, November 28: Lentil soup, crab cake/veggie option, salad, carrot cake

Thursday, November 30: Spaghetti and meat sauce/veggie option, salad, lemon tart, apple


Tuesday, October 3: Tomato soup, chicken panini /veggie option, salad, oatmeal cookie

Thursday, October 5: Beef or veggie stew with quinoa, salad, lemon cake

Tuesday, October 10: Cream of broccoli soup, veggie or meat burger, salad, vanilla cheesecake

Thursday, October 12: Roasted chicken with rice /veggie option, salad, black sesame seed cookies

Tuesday, October 17: Split pea and ham soup, spinach pie, salad, blueberry muffin

Thursday, October 19: Cabbage roll/ veggie option, salad, peanut butter cookie

Tuesday, October 24: Roasted pepper soup, chicken macaroni and cheese, salad, chocolate mousse

Thursday, October 26: Meat or veggie loaf with mashed potatoes, salad. pumpkin tart

Tuesday, October 31: Pumpkin soup, tuna melt /grilled cheese, egg tart


Tuesday, September 5: Cream of cauliflower soup, smoked salmon on a bagel, salad, ice cream and fruit

Thursday, September 7: Butter chicken/veggie option on rice, salad, raspberry almond cupcake

Tuesday, September 12: Congee (rice porridge), roasted beef sandwich/veggie option, salad, vanilla pudding

Thursday, September 14: Baked fish with risotto, salad, brownie

Tuesday, September 19: Cream of mushroom soup, turkey or veggie enchiladas, salad, honey lemon cake

Thursday, September 21: Meat or veggie pie, salad, blueberry tart

Tuesday, September 26: Borscht soup, egg sandwich, salad, maple syrup tart

Thursday, September 28:Veggie or meat lasagna, salad, semolina and coconut cookies


Tuesday, August 1: Cream of broccoli and cheese soup, spinach pie, salad, and lemon cake

Thursday, August 3: Chicken parmesan with veggie pasta, salad, chocolate cookies

Tuesday, August 8: Minestrone soup, tuna melt/grilled cheese, salad, bran muffin

Thursday, August 10: Sausage and perogies, salad, vanilla cheesecake

Tuesday, August 15: Carrot soup, chicken salad/veggie sandwich, salad, pecan tart

Thursday, August 17: Beef stroganoff with noodles/veggie option, salad, carrot cake

Tuesday, August 22: Lemon spinach lentil soup, ham/mushroom quiche, salad, vanilla pudding

Thursday, August 24: Salmon/veggie burger, salad, raspberry cake

Tuesday, August 29: Cream of corn, chicken/falafel sandwich, salad, orange cupcake

Thursday, August 31: Spaghetti and meatballs/veggie option, salad, garlic bread, blueberry muffin

JULY 2023
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Tuesday, July 4: Cream of cauliflower soup, beef burrito wrap with sour cream/salsa, fruit tart

Thursday, July 6: Chicken curry raita, rice pilaf, naan, custard

Tuesday, July 11: Tomato soup, salmon salad sandwich, mixed green salad, basbousa

Thursday, July 13: Beef/veggie lasagna, Caesar salad, garlic bread, chocolate cake

Tuesday, July 18: Beef and barley soup, chicken salad sandwich, spinach and mandarin salad, bread pudding

Thursday, July 20: Beef stew, rice, Nanaimo bar

Tuesday, July 25: Chicken noodle soup, tuna or grilled cheese sandwich, coleslaw, muffin

Thursday, July 27: Thai chicken or tofu curry, coconut rice, sago pudding

JUNE 2023
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Tuesday, June 6: Tomato soup, grilled chicken or grilled vegetable sandwich, mixed green salad, Basbousa

Thursday, June 8: Beef lasagna or vegetable lasagna, Greek salad, garlic bread, fruit tart

Tuesday, June 13: Cream of mushroom soup, beef or grilled cheese sandwich, Caesar salad, ice cream

Thursday, June 15: Chicken à la King, steamed rice, brownie

Tuesday, June 20: Chicken noodle soup, beef burger, roasted potatoes, coleslaw, fresh fruit

Thursday, June 22: Thai chicken or tofu curry, coconut rice, sago dessert

Tuesday, June 27: Cream of broccoli soup, egg salad sandwich, mixed green salad, peach cobbler

Thursday, June 29: Beef stew, steamed noodles, garlic bread, ice cream

MAY 2023
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Tuesday, May 2: Cream of mushroom soup, beef lasagna or cheese tortellini, Ceasar salad, garlic bread, chocolate cookie

Thursday, May 4: Butter chicken or chana masala, rice pilaf or naan, rice pudding

Tuesday, May 9: Tomato soup, chicken or tofu souvlaki, baked potato or pita bread, greek salad or tzatziki sauce, basbusa

Thursday, May 11: Kung pao chicken or spicy tofu, stir fry veg or steamed rice, mango pudding

Tuesday, May 16: Cream of mushroom soup, beef stew or grilled cheese sandwich, steamed rice or green salad, bread pudding

Thursday, May 18: Thai chicken curry or Thai tofu curry, spicy eggplant or coconut rice, sago dessert

Tuesday, May 23: Chicken noodle soup, shepherd’s pie or grilled veg sandwich, mixed green salad or garlic bread, short bread cookies

Thursday, May 25: BBQ chicken leg or macaroni and cheese, coleslaw salad, brownies

Tuesday, May 30: Beef and barley soup, grilled chicken or vegetable sandwich, mixed green salad, mixed fruits

APRIL 2023
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Tuesday, April 4: Vegetable soup, roasted beef or veggie sandwich, salad, strawberry cupcake

Thursday, April 6: Sausage and pirogies, salad, raisin bran muffin

Tuesday, April 11: Corn chowder, egg sandwich, salad, walnut cookies

Thursday, April 13: Chicken or veggie stew on rice, salad, marble brownie

Tuesday, April 18: Cream of mushroom soup, grilled chicken or veggie sandwich, salad, chocolate pudding

Thursday, April 20: Cheese tortellini and baked shrimp or veggies, salad, lime shortbread cookies

Tuesday, April 25: Lentil soup, tuna melt, or veggie melt, salad

Thursday, April 27: Meat or veggie lasagna, salad and garlic bread, chocolate quinoa cake

MARCH 2023
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Thursday, March 2: Chicken or veggie souvlaki with rice, Greek salad, orange almond cake

Tuesday, March 7: Spinach lemon soup, baked Chinese BBQ chicken, bun, salad, oatmeal salad

Thursday, March 9: Baked white fish with rice, pilaf salad, chocolate zucchini cake

Tuesday, March 14: Cream of broccoli, smoked salmon veggie frittata, salad, date bar

Thursday, March 16: Shepherd’s pie (with veggie option), salad, mango pudding

Tuesday, March 21: Tomato soup, chicken shawarma or falafel, salad, baklava

Thursday, March 23: Cabbage roll (with veggie option), salad, beet cupcake

Tuesday, March 28: Salmon burger (with veggie option), salad, chocolate cake

Thursday, March 30: Spaghetti with meat sauce or primavera, salad, vanilla cheesecake
Thursday, Feb. 2: Chicken cacciatore (or veggie option) with rice, salad, raisin muffin

Tuesday, Feb. 7: Beef barley soup, egg sandwich, Italian biscuits

Thursday, Feb. 9: Risotto, shrimp salad, almond cookies

Tuesday, Feb. 14: Tomato soup, chicken shawarma or falafel salad, baklava

Thursday, Feb. 16: Moroccan chicken with quinoa, salad, carrot cake

Tuesday, Feb. 21: Borscht soup, pulled pork, salad, apple cake

Thursday, Feb. 23: Meatloaf or veggie loaf, salad, mashed potatoes, vanilla cupcake

Tuesday, Feb. 28: Potato soup, smoked salmon quiche, chocolate chip cookies
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Tuesday, Jan. 3: Cream of cauliflower, tuna or veggie melt, salad, lemon tart

Thursday, Jan. 5: Fish and chips (with veggie option), salad, marble brownie

Tuesday, Jan. 10: Minestrone soup, roasted beef sandwich (with veggie option), salad, vanilla pudding

Thursday, Jan. 12: Chicken chow mein, spring roll, salad, sesame seed cookies

Tuesday, Jan. 17: Carrot soup, turkey enchiladas (with veggie option), salad, walnut cookies

Thursday, Jan. 19: Baked salmon with roasted veggies, quinoa salad, vanilla cake

Tuesday, Jan. 24: Cream of broccoli, chicken or veggie burger, salad, blueberry muffin

Thursday, January 26: Meat or veggie lasagna, salad, chocolate cupcake

Tuesday, Jan. 31: Lentil soup, spinach or chicken pie, salad, pecan tart


Nov 30 2023


12:15 pm - 1:30 pm




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