Richelle Tiongson stands in front of a colourful mural outside CNH.

Discovering a new future

Sixteen-year-old Richelle Tiongson wishes everyone knew about the opportunities provided at neighbourhood houses like Collingwood Neighbourhood House (CNH).

“You can find a new hobby and interest, an opportunity to make new friends, as well as the opportunity to volunteer and not only learn something new, but to also help with the amazing work they do in the community,” she says. “Neighbourhood houses such as CNH provide a vast opportunity and support to many individuals, especially those who are new to Canada and the community.” 

Through her participation in CNH programs and volunteering in the office, Richelle has discovered life-long interests and skills, in addition to opportunities for the years ahead. In Grade 3, Richelle learned to play volleyball at CNH and in Grade 7, she first volunteered in the office, which she has returned to do as a teen.

“I found a new hobby and interest in volleyball that I carry with me till this day,” Richelle says. “It was also through volunteering in the office I have learned new things and more about the type of work environment I wish to work in, in my future.”

“Overall, CNH has positively impacted more than one different aspect of my life.”

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