Bread and Pastries Delivery Helper (#AD2024-1)

May 15, 2024 | Volunteer Opportunities

Open until closed.

  • Volunteer Position: Bread and Pastries Delivery Helper
  • Name of Program: Cobs Bakery Bread donation pick up

Program Description

CNH has established a partnership with Cobs Bakery, which generously donates end-of-the-day bread and pastries to charitable organizations. As a recipient of these donations, CNH relies on dedicated volunteers to pick up these donations from Cobs Bakery located on Main & East 12th Ave..

  • Day(s) and Time:
    • One Monday per month.
    • Be at Cobs Bakery at 8pm sharp – back door.
  • Location: Cobs Bakery, 2924 Main Street (near East 12th Ave)


  • Drive a large vehicle (such as a van or truck) to the designated Cobs Bakery location
  • Pack loaves of bread into bags (approximately 5-6 large garbage bag-sized bread donations) and around 2 trays of pastries
  • Ensure that all donated items are safely and securely loaded into the vehicle
  • Return to CNH and place donations in the kitchen counter


  • Valid Driver’s License: Volunteers must possess a valid driver’s license for the vehicle they will be operating for donation pickups.
  • Large Vehicle Access: Volunteers should have access to a large vehicle, such as a van or truck, capable of transporting multiple bags of bread and trays of pastries.
  • Reliability and Punctuality: Volunteers are expected to be reliable and punctual for scheduled pickup times to ensure timely delivery of donations to CNH.
  • Physical Capability: This role may involve lifting and carrying heavy bags of bread and trays of pastries, so volunteers should be physically capable of handling these tasks.
  • Commitment: Volunteers should be willing to commit to a regular pickup schedule, as consistent donation pickups are essential for CNH’s operations.


  • By volunteering as a driver for CNH’s Cobs Bakery donation pickups, volunteers contribute to providing essential food resources to individuals and families in need within the community.
  • Complimentary loaves of Cobs Bakery Bread.
  • Volunteer Appreciation Night Event
  • Reference letter (must complete 20hrs of volunteer work)

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete our online registration form or visit our locations to complete a printed form.


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