CNH Team

Executive Director

Jennifer Gray-Grant


Alison Merton (Early Years)
Emily Rees (Community Development) (Acting)
January Wolodarsky (Community Development) (on leave)
Kulwant Kaur (Operations)
Suzanne Liddle (Community Services)
Sanjeev Karwal (Youth Services)


Ana Kazulin (Finance Child Care Program)
Ana Mateescu (Family Development/Homelessness)
Andrea Berneckas (Community Connections/Celebrations)
Anna Hofmarks (Better At Home)
Carmen Correal (Recreation)
Christine Chavez (HR & Enrollment Child Care Program) (on maternity leave)
Crecien Bencio (Resiliency and Social Innovation, Community Annex)
Diana Taykandy (Operations Child Care Program)
Eda Ertan (Community Development Specialist and Director’s Assistant)
Elisa Casilla (Payroll)
Irene Mella (Office and Communications)
Jenny Eng-Chan (Reception/Information and Referral)
Jenny Shen (Seniors Wellness)
Kaitlyn Fung (Community Food Liaison)
Karl Chan (Computer Services)
Kayla Isomura (Communications)
Marcela Mancilla-Fuller (LINC/Settlement Services)
Maria Nombrado (Accounting)
Mik Turje (Food Security)
Qasim Ahmadi (Facility)
Sabrina Bantog (HR & Enrollment Child Care Program)
Sandra Medina (Annex Coordinator and Seniors Recreation)
Satinder Singh (Family Services)
Sheri Parke (Neighbourhood Small Grants)
Tannis Sullivan (Literacy)
Yndira Arteaga (Volunteer)
Yoko Tomita (Arts and Culture)