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Collingwood Neighbourhood House Management Team

Pictured above (from left to right): Jennifer Gray-Grant, Sanjeev Karwal, Kulwant Kaur,  January Wolodarsky Sharon Gregson, Suzanne Liddle.

If you would like to contact the management team, feel free to call CNH at 604-435-0323, send an e-mail to or drop by at 5288 Joyce Street.

Executive Director
Jennifer Gray-Grant (Executive Director)

Alison Merton (Director of the Early Years -Incumbent)
January Wolodarsky (Director of Community Development)
Kulwant Kaur (Director of Operations)
Sharon Gregson (Director of the Early Years -Outgoing)
Suzanne Liddle (Director of Community Services)
Sanjeev Karwal (Director of Youth Services)

Ana Kazulin (Finance Child Care Program Coordinator)
Ana Mateescu (Family Development/Homelessness Coordinator)
Andrea Berneckas (Community Connections/Celebrations Coordinator)
Anna Hofmarks (Better At Home Coordinator)
Carmen Correal (Recreation Coordinator)
Christine Chavez (HR & Enrollment Child Care Program Coordinator)
Diana Taykandy (Operations Child Care Program Coordinator)
Eda Ertan (Community Development Specialist & Director’s Assistant)
Elisa Casilla (Payroll Coordinator)
Emily Chan (CNH Annex Coordinator)
Irene Mella (Office and Volunteer Coordinator)
Janice Bexson (Literacy Coordinator)
Jenny Eng-Chan (Reception/Information & Referral Coordinator)
Jenny Shen (Seniors Wellness Coordinator)
Kaitlyn Fung (Community Food Liaison Coordinator)
Karl Chan (Computer Services Coordinator)
Laura Contreras (Youth Engagement Manager)
Marcela Mancilla-Fuller (LINC/Settlement Services Coordinator)
Maria Nombrado (Accounting Coordinator)
Mik Turje (Food Security Coordinator)
Shadia Serrano (Communications Coordinator)
Qasim Ahmadi (Facility Coordinator)
Sandra Medina (Seniors Recreation Coordinator/CNH Annex Coordinator)
Satinder Singh (Family Services Coordinator)
Sheri Parke (Neighbourhood Small Grants Coordinator)
Yoko Tomita (Neighbourhood Cultural Network Developer)