Collingwood Neighbourhood House offers a range of recreation programs and activities for all ages. Activities include music, dance and the arts, as well as other physical and social activities. We strive to provide a good balance of activities for people of all ability levels and interests in our Neighbourhood.

Most of our recreation programs take place at our main site at 5288 Joyce Street; some, however, are located at satellite facilities in the community. Integration, fairness, cooperation and mutual respect are some of the values central to our recreation programs, while having fun!

Fees and membership

A $3 CNH membership is required for adults (25+).

Drop-in rates vary per program. However, recreation passes are available for savings and convenience.
Recreation pass: $48/12 sessions (volleyball, badminton, soccer)
Fitness pass: $57/12 sessions (jazzercise, yoga, Zumba)