Strangers become Neighbours
Personal Stories
Summary of Personal and Organizational Neighbourhood Stories:
Growing an Intercultural Neighbourhood, Growing a Civil Society captures how, as local residents became engaged in community building, the many layers of cultural values and practices created a new culture and spirit. Through their local experience, they valued and celebrated diversity and as a result became a far more inclusive society. Through visioning, dialogue and gift-sharing, they created approaches and solutions that transcended traditional multiculturalism into interculturalism.
Chris Taulu has lived in the neighbourhood for over 40 years and became an activist initially to improve her child’s education. Later she dedicated her time to creating safe communities through initiating the first community policing model in a diverse neighbourhood. Click for Story & Video
Ken Green’s family runs a local business that was started by his grandfather. It was one of the first businesses in the area. Ken worked with others to establish a business association to revitalize the area during a time when the business owners were becoming more ethnically diverse. Click for Story & Video
Julie Cheng started her involvement as a volunteer in the newly formed Collingwood Neighbourhood House. She raised her family in the neighbourhood. As a child of an immigrant, she has dedicated her community work to helping people find their voice through various media and engagement processes. Click for Story & Video
Thelma Bureyko, as a single parent, raised her family in the same neighbourhood she grew up in. She volunteered in many local organizations during the time when cultural diversity was on the rise. Click for Story & Video