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A film by Giovanni Attili and Leonie Sandercock


[…] The film offers a really exciting audio-visual exploration of the questions, dilemmas, challenges and triumphs of the experience of the CNH. I watched the film a little while after I had read the book, and it immediately made me see some of the questions it raises in a different way, in ways that aren’t possible only through the text. The film has also proved extremely useful in an educational setting.

Overall, then, this book and its associated film are many things: the story of the success of the Collingwood Neighbourhood House; a community development guidebook; a planning education tool; an extension of collaborative planning theory into the realm of digital media; an important contribution to planning research methods; and a vision for practice and theory of the possibilities of living together as neighbours.

Source: (the full article is published in the journal “disP – The Planning Review”
by L. Porter (University of Glasgow)


The jury was particularly impressed by the way in which the concrete practice of community living fosters a vision of cosmopolitan urban planning which, in turn, regards ethno-cultural diversity as a motor for the development of a dynamic community. People, who would otherwise live in isolation from one another due to language barriers etc., come together, contribute their own cultural backgrounds, and in turn get to know new people and cultures.

Source: BMW Intercultural Innovation Award


The film was very informative and interesting. “Great film, thank you.”

Source: Participants from City of Richmond Presentation and Workshop


Empowering documentary

Source: Participant from Halifax Presentation and Workshop