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About INTERactive

Our goal is to increase and deepen relationships between people different from each other and increase physical activity of Renfrew-Collingwood residents and workers. Neighbourhood organizations, residents and UBC students and faculty are working together to increase intercultural relations and physical activities. The aim? To reach out to people that are not participating, but might like to. We’ll address barriers and opportunities will be broadened to reach this goal.


INTERActive Community Partners

– Collingwood Business Improvement Association

– Collingwood Community Policing

– Collingwood Neighborhood House

– Evergreen Health Centre

– Renfrew Collingwood Senior’s Better at Home

– Renfrew Park Community Centre

– School of Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia

– Spectrum Society for Community Living

– Windermere Family of Schools


INTERActive Materials


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Activities for Everyone, Everywhere: An Intercultural Physical Activity Guide

A launching pad for any group to explore interculturalism through physical activity. It’s geared towards individuals in leadership capacities, but the activities – though originally planned for school aged children, can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age.

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Interculturalism 101

A primer on interculturalism that teaches you what it is, how it’s beneficial to society, and how you can increase your own intercultural understanding.

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A Collection of Visual Stories

This collection shares stories of development and change that occurred in the first year of INTERactive. Residents of Renfrew-Collingwood and students from the UBC School of Kinesiology, worked with story facilitators Rosanne Lambert and Janet McLeish, to listen to and visualize stories of INTERActive.

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1. Wendy & Paula: INTERactive Beginnings

Describes the partnership between UBC and RC community, in particular the personal connection which was the start of the INTERactive program. Created by Esther Yuen.Describes the PROCESS of INTERactive. Created by David Sexton.

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2. Tale of Collingwood Community Partners

Describes intercultural communication between organizations in Renfrew-Collingwood. Created by Kacy Clark.

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3. Connections

Describes the PROCESS of INTERactive. Created by David Sexton.

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4. Think, Play, Connect

A story about how intercultural relations can include children in the discussion of their own physical activities. Created by Ignatius But.

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5. Finding Community

A visual story based upon the writings of one of our INTERactive connectors, Brian Zhang, who comments on his experience with volunteerism in our community. Created by Annemieke Smulders

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6. Mommy/Daddy Me-Time

A look at how the availability of childcare, affects access to Physical Activity. Created by Lindsey Pozo.

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7. Things I Learned from Telling Others to Be More Active

Personal account of his experience as the organizer of CNH ‘Physical Activity Week’. Created by Crecien Bencio

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8. Becoming Who We Are

A story about an INTERactive connector, Nasib Singh. Created by Patrick Painter.

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INTERactive Structure, Process, Challenges and Successes

A description of the formation of INTERactive and lessons learned in its first phase. Created by UBC students in the School of Kinesiology class entitled Interculturalism, Health and Physical Activity.

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INTERactive process: Windermere Family of Schools

A description of initial consultations with local schools to determine assets, barriers and future actions to increase Interculturalism through physical activity. Created by UBC students in the School of Kinesiology class entitled Interculturalism, Health and Physical Activity.