CNH offers a variety of programs, activities and opportunities for all ages. Visit us at 5288 Joyce St., Vancouver.


Are you interested in connecting with other people in the neighbourhood?

CNH has many programs that bring neighbours together. They include programs related to Food, Arts & Celebrations, Community Initiatives, Intercultural Projects, and Homelessness & Outreach. Just click the items in the menu at the left for more information on programs in these areas.

We are dedicated to creating a healthy, connected and inspired neighbourhood in which all community members thrive, learn and have a place to contribute. Our work is based on the idea of ‘Interculturalism’. Interculturalism means understanding and respecting cultural diversity, connecting diversity, finding commonalities and working together to create something new in the neighbourhood.

If you live in Renfrew-Collingwood and have ideas for improving your community, want to work with others to build a better neighbourhood, or are passionate about individual and community issues, we can help with:

• Information on local opportunities and initiatives.
• Links to others who may share your interests.
• Intercultural leadership and skill development opportunities.
• Support and assistance with available community resources.

For more information call CNH at 604-435-0323.