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    • This giving season, consider a donation to CNH

      Date: December 19, 2017

      This giving season, we’d like to share an example of how CNH is making life better in our community. Below is a part of CNH Executive Director Jennifer Gray-Grant’s fundraising letter, which highlights the impact CNH has had on CNH Seniors program participant Peter Yap and his wife Linda. To read the full letter, go to “Seven years ago, when he and his wife Linda started attending CNH senior’s programs, Peter mentioned to the senior’s coordinator that he loved to perform, Elvis style. She seemed somewhat interested but when he broke into an acapella version of Elvis’ “Teddy Bear” she immediately booked him for a CNH event. Since then, Peter has performed at various CNH celebrations and Collingwood Days. His wife Linda buys the fabric and designs his costumes, which are sewn by a friend. The two are regulars at CNH’s Community Lunch as well as Bingo, bus trips and of course ...

    • Building strong and healthy communities

      Date: September 17, 2017

      Strong communities nurture people. They help build neighbourhood and community engagement, and help promote well-being and safety. Together, with our partner United Way of the Lower Mainland, Collingwood Neighbourhood House works every day to build strong communities where people feel connected and supported. With United Way’s help, we provide services and opportunities that help people thrive, regardless of their age or where they come from. The strength of a community is reflected in the wellbeing and sense of connectedness of the people who live there.  When residents feel they belong, they take ownership and play a role in shaping the future of their community. People are empowered when they feel they have choices and are capable of influencing decisions. At Collingwood Neighbourhood House, we understand the challenges unique to our community and devise strategies to address them. Working with United Way, we listen, bring the right people together, and work to find local solutions. Sometimes ...

    • Indigenous youth C.R.E.W. participates in Pulling Together Canoe Journey

      Date: July 25, 2017

      [caption id="attachment_11119" align="aligncenter" width="701"] The scene on the beach at the Gathering of Canoes (photo by Doug Clement)[/caption] CNH’s Indigenous youth C.R.E.W. (Culture, Recreation, Education, and Work) canoe club recently participated in the annual Pulling Together Canoe Journey. This journey brings members of police and government public service agencies together with members of First Nations, especially youth. Participants from both groups travel together on eight to ten day canoe journeys through hundreds of kilometers of British Columbia’s waterways. The goal is reconciliation by learning and understanding each other’s cultures. Near the end of the journey, all the journey participants arrived in twenty canoes at Vanier Park for the Gathering of Canoes event, in which Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh chiefs gave the nearly 350 paddlers permission to come ashore in a traditional ceremony. [caption id="attachment_11116" align="aligncenter" width="480"] CNH Director of Youth Services Vive Wong (left) and Assistant City Manager of Vancouver Wendy Au (right), in ...

    • Neighbourhood resident goes from senior-at-risk to seniors' supporter*

      Date: June 13, 2017

      Local senior Marlene’s loneliness and isolation forced her into a mental health crisis. She said, “I was buried. I didn’t reach out. After a long time people stopped trying. I got more and more depressed.” But United Way-supported Collingwood Neighbourhood House gave Marlene a new lease on life. There she found stability and community in seniors’ programs. Now Marlene is a Better at Home Volunteer Connector at CNH. She reaches out to other at-risk seniors, referring them to vital services. Marlene describes helping others as a tool for staying healthy: “There’s nothing like helping other people to make you feel better. Nothing like it.” The United Way's support for CNH's Better at Home program has made stories like Marlene’s possible. Last year almost 60,000 seniors accessed United Way-supported services. One was Marlene, and many more were her own friends and neighbours. One particularly hard-to-reach neighbour stands out. Just how did she win him over? Watch ...

    • Better at Home volunteers make a BIG difference**

      Date: June 7, 2017

      Better at Home (BH) volunteers play an integral role in helping seniors stay longer in their homes and communities. Anne* is one of the Renfrew Collingwood Better at Home Friendly Visiting clients. Originally from France, she has long-since called Canada home. She has no family living here. Anne used to work as a travel agent and enjoyed making short films in her spare time, but was diagnosed with agoraphobia. She found herself becoming increasingly isolated. Since reaching out to the Better at Home program at Collingwood Neighbourhood House, Anne has connected with Jane*, a volunteer with the program. Every Thursday they go for a one and a half hour walk and talk. Anne says that having Jane as her companion has been a positive and enriching experience, and their time together increases her confidence and her time spent outside. Jane benefits too. She describes her experience with the program as a ...