Messages from the Parents

Parents’ Letters

Parents share their thoughts on the experience of having their child/ren enrolled in the child care programs at Collingwood Neighbourhood House Society.

We thank those parents who shared with us how meaningful it has been to have access to high quality child care and how important the Early Childhood Educators have been in the lives of their children.

From a mum as she says goodbye to our school-age program:

My son Aaron is now 11 years old and taller than me and is finishing his day care this month. He has been with your day care for over 3 years now. I would say, I believe my son has learned a lot through interaction with other kids at the Collingwood Neighbourhood Day Care. Being an only child, he learned to share, lengthen his patience, have a bit more fun and play lots of game boards and sports that he can not have somewhere else.

From Kanta to Marcia as the manager including combined summer day care at Renfrew, I am so thankful for each staff for their kindness, patience, understanding and support. Thank you so much for your services and hard work.

More blessings to CNH,


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