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The Operations Department oversees the following areas:
Information and Referral Services
Office and Volunteer Services
Accounting Services
Facility Services
Computer Services
For more information on these services, please contact the Director of Operations at 604-412-3837.

Community Services
Community Services includes a range of programs and activities for all ages. Activities include music, dance, the arts, as well as sports, physical and social activities for children through to seniors. We strive to provide a good balance of activities for people of all ability levels and interests in our neighbourhood. We also try to make our programs affordable. Most of our recreation programs take place at the main house located at 5288 Joyce Street; however, some activities are located at satellite facilities in the community.

Early Years
Collingwood Neighbourhood House operates high quality, early learning and care (daycare/preschool/school-age) programs serving children from 3 months to twelve years of age.  All programs are licensed through the Community Care Facilities Licensing department of Vancouver Coastal Health Authority. Our programs are designed to meet the varying needs of children and families in a diverse community. We have programs within the main location at 5288 Joyce Street and we also operate in local elementary schools and at off-site locations. Please call 604-435-0323 for further information.